Saturday, January 1, 2022

Let Go

Happy new year! How much tension are you holding in your body right now? I've realized that I've been in a constant state of fight or flight throughout this whole pandemic. It's just not healthy. Since it's the new year and time to think about better habits, my intention for the new start is to let go of all that resistance and defensiveness. It's an internal change not an external one. I still follow all the guidelines to keep myself and everyone around me safe. But I'm also trying to identify and release all the mental and physical resistance I'm carrying in myself. We all know that releasing stress is the best defense against illness. But I admit it's an ongoing practice. 😂

Not a very quilty resolution? Maybe, we'll see how it develops! 

2021 was a good year for my quilting. A dedicated sewing space has made a huge difference. So my plan for 2022 is to just carry on. I'm more in the mood to finish projects than start new ones. Of course, "finishing" may involve making physical some ideas I've been refining for a year or more on paper. 😉

My pictures today are from the current Quiltville mystery, Rhododendron Trail. But I've also been working on a dark background version of Grassy Creek that I may start sewing this year. I have several tops that are very close to done as well. It would be great if this year i can make equal progress on getting them quilted.

Rhododendron Trail is going in a different direction than I first planned. I pulled all those shadowy grey and purple fabrics for the darks, but I'm not sure I'll use them now. Since the clues are using large pieces in matched sets, I went back to my stash and got more large pink prints. And since my white on white fabric is getting depleted I supplemented it with those tiny hearts that just caught my eye when I looking around. 

I haven't made any of the hundreds of hourglasses in clue 4 yet because I was worried about how far my background fabric will go. I also plan to make the quilt square instead of rectangular, so my final numbers will be different. I'll wait to see how they are used before I start those. Hopefully I won't need as many! 

I hope everyone is hanging in there! Take care of yourselves. ❤


  1. I love your direction of your blocks! There are so many wonderful Rhododendron Trails in the making! I thought I'd finish Frolic last month; but, didn't. Surely, I can finish it this month and then perhaps, I'll reacquaint myself with Good Fortune or Grassy Creek! I hear you about letting go. I don't know when or if I'll be comfortable in a group setting again. I too have been thankful for my studio space! I'm glad your space calls you to it often!

  2. I will be watching to see what all you share with regard to the letting tension leave your body. I agree that we've all been in fight or flight mode for a long time now . . . I have a box of WOW if you'll pay the postage (less than buying more fabric).

  3. I totally agree with you. Letting go and releasing tension is very healthy. I wish you good luck with it. I've started a few years ago and for me, the first step was making the difference between what I can control and what I can't control. If you can't control it, don't stress about. It has helped me a lot. I work for the well-fare or social assistance (whatever you call it) we help people that are in needs. It's another thing that I had to "learn" to let go. It is not my problem, it is not my life and I help them find a service, a job, etc and then it's up to them. It's not easy but it is doable. The Rhodo blocks are so cute. Enjoy! ;^)

  4. Happy New Year, Monica. Your observations about recognising and releasing tension are very timely for me. Quilting is good displacement activity at least and I will be looking forward to seeing where your projects go this year (and also to hearing how you get on with the tension!)

  5. An excellent resolution, I for one will take note of your words - I certainly need release from stress and tension, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Now, your Mystery quilt - I adore your luscious fabrics for the mystery - I really must add some pink/peaches to my fabric collection, I love my bold and brights but sometimes hanker after making something lighter and softer.

  6. I don't think I am holding tension in my body, but I am not always as aware as I could be. I will mull this over. Thanks for the idea. Your pink blocks are very nice. I also have Grassy Creek to finish as well as another quiltville mystery in parts and pieces. I can't even remember which mystery it is. My focus this year is finishing up some of my UFOs.

  7. Your fabrics and colors in these blocks are beautiful! They make me wonder if I should join in. I'm printing the patterns as they so come so maybe....

  8. Wise words for a new year. LOVE your blocks and pinks - this is going to be gorgeous!


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