Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Finished Picnic!

Finally 😂

I think this top went together very quickly and easily, but then it took forever to quilt and bind. It's the largest quilt I've finished, so that's probably why the learning curve was so high. It's about 218 x 234 cm, 86" x 92".

I named it Picnic because I used up several old food-themed novelty fabrics, as well as some printed ginghams. My design was inspired by pictures I'd seen of a quilt by Sujata Shah in her book Cultural Fusion Quilts. I've blogged about that before here.

Because it's so large I took it to a DIY longarm, but that didn't go well. Eventually I decided to do an all over stipple on my home machine. It was heavy work but I'm satisfied with the result. Hopefully now that I've learned i can quilt a few more the same way.

I also cut two different bindings for the quilt, but it's been so long that I don't even remember what I thought the issue was! Anyway this turquoise one seemed fine when I looked at it this week so I just went ahead with it. It's almost an inch wide, 2+ cm, which surprised me! But I'm just assuming it was a design choice and I think it works fairly well. 😉

Everything is machine stitched because my hand sewing situation is not much improved. 

Anyway I'm very glad to have it done and I plan to put it to use right away! And I'm on a binding blitz right now so I hope to have a few more small finishes to share soon.

Happy stitching everyone! And one more photo for the road...


  1. Wow! This is a lovely, lovely quilt! Sujata's blocks are so easy to put together and yet, there's lots of wonderful personality involved in the making.:)

  2. Seem to be having trouble with comment but trying again.
    This is a stunning quilt! The colours are so mouthwateringly luscious, I adore it - congratulations.

  3. LOVE this! It just screams summer!

  4. Such lovely colors. I always enjoy Sujata's ideas. It looks like we put binding on the same way. My hands aren't good for much handwork anymore either.


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