Wednesday, July 20, 2022

String Tulips Flimsy

My queen sized version of the AHIQ String Tulip QAL is a finished top! I love it and I'm so glad Ann shared her instructions for this fun project. 

It turned out a lot more green than I expected, lol. The background fabric is green and yellow on white, so I thought it would read more white than it does. It's good, though, I'm so over that low volume phase from a few years ago. I look at some of those UFOs and I have no motivation to finish them.

The red diamond shape around the center was not strictly pre-planned. While I was assembling the string blocks I thought a diagonal line would be useful in the outer border. But as soon as I started laying it out the diamond in the inner border was obviously the way to go.

It's quite large, about 224 cm (88") square. I'm going to do another wide binding since I really like how the binding on Picnic turned out. This one will be scrappy reds using the fabrics in the tulips. For the quilting I'm thinking a leafy panto will look good. 

So yay, another one assembled! These large quilts are definitely what i enjoy the most. I started a wall quilt after finishing Picnic and I had to cut it short because I really wasn't enjoying it. I need a bigger sandbox to play in. 😁

Next up will be the border for Rose Boll. I had to pull it out to make sure my red binding fabrics for the tulips weren't needed on that (they weren't), and I finally decided what to do there. More strings! 🤣

Happy quilting everyone ❤


  1. Like I noted on your IG, I love the combo of the tulips with the diagonal blocks. It's great to visit over here and get more description (plus I love blogs). I still love low-volume, but also love pastels and light prints. Love the way the green print you chose compliments the tulip colors!

  2. This is simply gorgeous! I can see the finished quilt on a summertime bed, a soft breeze blowing through airy lace curtains..

  3. Ooo, I LOVE it and really love the colors. I know that will be a favorite; it would be for me!!

  4. Wow! I absolutely love your String Tulip top! The colors and lay out are just fantastic. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  5. A beautiful quilt! I like the inner diamond effect, and the way all other lines flow out from the tulip stems, very creative!

  6. Just gorgeous!! The tulips are fantastic on the soft green background, perfect choice.

  7. This is fabulous! I love tulips and was tempted to make Ann's quilt but I had another big project going that I didn't want to interrupt. I love the colors and the borders and. . . just everything about this quilt. Wonderful work!


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