Saturday, June 30, 2012

Starting Over

Well, there was much beating of brow and gnashing of teeth around here last night, followed by deep philosophical sighs.  After a day and a half of steady knitting, I got this far:

You will notice that it is off the needles.  I realized that it is now going to be way too short!!  What has happened is that my rows are coming out narrower than the suggested gauge.  So in fact, I didn't need to reduce the number of rows at all.  Fortunately I bought extra balls of this yarn.  I am just going to start over, because some of the yarn near the hem has already been re-knitted twice.

You know, I do usually make a swatch before I start a project, but that is because I have either substituted the yarn or made my own design.  In this case, because I am using the yarn called for by the pattern, I guess I didn't think I'd need it.

Third time lucky!


  1. Well, the pattern is wonderful! But your travails are one of the reasons I stopped knitting. Too lazy to do the swatch most of the time, with predictable results. Truth told, though, even when I made a swatch, my results were often not worth the effort. I will be interested to see the finished product!

  2. Thanks Mary Ellen. It is interesting how some things keep calling to us even when the way is difficult, and some just don't! Drawing and painting were like that for me. I never enjoyed them as much as I expected to.

  3. You will get there eventually. I did the same thing with Lance's aran and pulled out about 12" of it because I wasn't happy lol. Lance still thinks I'm nuts for pulling all that out but it would annoy me too much to leave it in. I look forward to seeing it back on some needles soon.


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