Thursday, May 14, 2015

DitG Block 5 finished!

We've had some beautiful, clear sunshine today, and I was finally able to get a good set of photos for this block. It's the centre, Block 5, of Leanne Beasley's stitchery quilt Down in the Garden. Yes, I know it's wrinkly, but I don't want to iron it until I'm ready to assemble the quilt.


There has been quite a lot of "let's see what happens" so far, but in the end I'm well pleased with how it came out. I really like the double curve, ogee outline around both this block and the birdhouse blocks. I also like the way Beasley used the green sprigs and the outside points to suggest a diamond shape inside the curves. I chose the coral and pink colours for those flowers to emphasize the diamond, and I think that worked well.

My original plan for the small lazy daisy flowers was to make them dark blue, same as here. It was not successful, and I am sorry that I didn't take a photo to prove it! In the light blue, the small flowers provide some contrast and support for the large flowers. I was really surprised by how much better the large flowers looked once those little blue flowers were stitched! It was a good lesson to me. And, I think that same colour of blue is going to fix my problem with Prairie Star as well.

With all the stitching completed, this block has ended up quite a bit darker than the light, watery effect that I originally intended. This was mostly because the Tsukineko inks were too difficult to control when they were really watered down, so I had to keep them more intense and pure. I think this has also made the project more formal, and I'm not sure all those gingham fabrics that I hoped to use are appropriate any more. But the inspiration fabrics by Tamara Kate still work well.

It's a big block, 15 inches square, and a lot of stitching. I really like all the words and sentiments in the poem, but gosh, the words were boring to sew! Fortunately, my commitment to stick with just the one project made it easier.

I keep thinking that now I am mostly done, which is not true at all! There are still 3 more birdhouses, and all four of the watering can blocks to do. The applique butterflies on the watering cans are wickedly difficult, but I think I have them under control now.

In any case, my plan to focus on just one project at a time is a big success, even though I have changed it to two projects - one hand sewing and one machine sewing. Momentum is building, and right now I'm not even tempted to change projects. I'll show you the machine sewing project next time -- I think it will be a surprise!


  1. I can't really visualize the watery effect you were after as this looks fabulous. The stitching on the lettering is so perfect that I thought it was inked until I zoomed in. I can see how it would get boring, though.

  2. Hello Monica,

    Congratulations on finishing this block. There is so much detail in each block, it will be fantastic when all the blocks are together.

    Happy days.

  3. Your ink work is fantastic. I really like the colors and your embroidery is spot on. You're showing such self control with your "one at a time " philosophy. Glad it's working and you're getting so much done.

  4. Really, really pretty. Congrats on your excellent focus.:)

  5. I just finished the Journey of a Quilter pattern from the same designer and now I want to make this quilt. Would you be interested in trading patterns or selling your pattern when you are done?

  6. what a lovely block such beautiful stitching of the flowers etc and the poem is lovely too

  7. What a beautiful block! Your stitching is lovely and the coloring with the inks is amazing!

    I've recently started a weekly Stitchery Link Party for all things hand embroidered and I would love to have you come link up this post so that my readers can come enjoy it too.

    If you haven't participated in a link party before, I have a tutorial available. I do hope that you'll join in the fun.

  8. This is such a pretty quilt and I love that it has such beautiful poetry stitched into it. (Well worth a little boring stitchery?) The ink painting and the embroidery look amazing together. I love the Tamara Kate fabric as well. I hope it makes the final cut!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think the boring stitching was worth it. Once it's done I'll have forgotten all the effort, and I'll still have the appreciation of the poem! I know there will be more words in future projects. :)


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