Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Border Disputes

 So apparently in 2017 I was under the impression that the border was ready to sew onto my version of Bonnie Hunter's 2015-6 mystery quilt, Allietare. But obviously that didn't happen. 😅

I had SO much indecision about the border for this quilt. I know I bought 3 or 4 different fabric combinations for it. A couple of them were even in my Allietare project drawer!

When I finally pulled the project out again, it seemed to me that these Kaffe fabrics were ready to go. The fussy cutting was done and I just had to sew them on.

The two side borders with the flowers went on fine, but when I started work on the top and bottom I remembered why I stopped. The grain of that fabric was very slanted and I was determined to fussy cut it aligned with the print. Which was no where near aligned with the grain. So when I was done the top and bottom strips were actually curved.

But you know, I was already halfway so I thought, %&$# it, and sewed it on anyway. And actually, it seems pretty flat now.

Those waves you see in the photo are just where the fabric got caught on the carpet. Hopefully.

Nothing a long arm couldn't quilt out, right?

Anyway, I am so impressed with Bonnie's design on this quilt. It looks so complicated, and I'm rather amazed I pulled it off! I'm pretty sure if I saw the final quilt before I started it I never would have attempted it. But the instructions break it down into very simple steps, and it's kind of magic how it comes together. It's funny that the hold up all these years has been these last strips of fabric around the edge. In any case, I'm very glad to have another top done!

"Keep calm and carry on" would probably work as a title for this post as well. 😂


  1. Wow!! Your border choices really showcase the Allietare blocks! Fingers crossed it quilts nicely! A finished top is wonderful!

  2. Your borders are the perfect frame for this gorgeous quilt. I've rarely found fabric printed on grain anymore. Makes borders a real challenge, though after quilting all the imperfections almost magically disappear, thankfully.

  3. Love your quilt! I've seen several of the quilts done in this pattern but your colour choices are the best (in my humble opinion), and your borders finish it off beautifully.

  4. Great choices for your borders! I hate when fabric print gets so misaligned with the grain. Frustrating! What a great looking quilt though, love your colors.:)

  5. Beautiful finished top Monica, the two different fabrics you have for the borders are a perfect fit for the blocks. Some fabrics are more off grain than others, I have had a devil of a job with Spot on occasion.

  6. I've had that problem with fabric not printed straight and it is a real pain. Your borders are looking just dandy though. Your colour choices have made for a quilt top with a lovely glow to it.


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